Lee Danner Bass


"Our decision making process is clearly focused on the single objective of consistently
achieving client objectives"
- Mark B. Smith


The ultimate objective of any Lee, Danner & Bass investment strategy is to maximize the return on our clients' investments. Inherent in maximizing returns is the need to effectively manage market risk through the quality of asset allocation in bonds, stocks and/or cash equivalents.

We base our asset allocation decisions on a 12 and 24-month rate of return projection, tempered by the risk factor inherent in each segment and the firm's outlook on the role of change during that period. Realizing that there is a margin of error in any economic forecast, we also develop alternative scenarios and assign probabilities to each so that adjustments can be made on a timely and thoughtful basis.


  1. The client’s objectives are defined and an applicable program is developed.
  2. The investment environment is thoroughly analyzed, and the optimal combination of financial assets is determined.
  3. Individual securities are selected.
  4. Individual holdings, market conditions and client objectives are continuously monitored and portfolio adjustments are made on a timely basis.