Lee Danner Bass

Qualified Retirement Plans

"Our clients each have unique investment objectives, and our customized management of each relationship allows us to build a portfolio for each client to correspond to his/her specific needs"
- Lawson C. Allen

Qualified retirement plans

Lee, Danner & Bass oversees significant retirement assets for our clients, as either a part of a qualified retirement plan or rollover Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). When managing assets in an IRA, we consider the objectives of the individual and his or her family, as those parameters have great influence on the allocation, liquidity and risk of the portfolio. For qualified retirement plans, we consider the circumstances and objectives of the plan’s participants.

We begin by helping the client develop an overall investment management policy. That policy is dictated by the client and is established in writing, which governs the purchase, sale, or other actions by the investment manager that would affect the portfolio under consideration. As this policy is developed, client objectives are reviewed, an appropriate asset allocation model is established, and a customized investment portfolio is created.