Lee Danner Bass


"Our clients each have unique investment objectives, and our customized management of each relationship allows us to build a portfolio for each client to correspond to his/her specific needs"
- Lawson C. Allen


The professionals of Lee, Danner & Bass have been active managers of assets with collective experience of more than 150 years. Our goal as an investment manager is to preserve and enhance our clients’ capital. We seek to achieve the highest possible investment return for our clients, consistent with their individual objectives and constraints.

We are long-term investors, not short-term traders. In recent years there has been an increased emphasis placed by some on short-term performance. Unfortunately, this has caused managers to pursue a more trading-oriented approach that, in the final analysis, impedes long-term objectives that we believe can best be achieved by long-term investment strategies.

We are committed to quality above all else. Appropriately, this begins with people. Ours is a service business, and the quality of the service provided is a direct reflection of the quality of the people performing it. It applies to our research, our investment strategies and the individual securities selected for investment. And it culminates in service to our clients.