Lee Danner Bass


"Our clients each have unique investment objectives, and our customized management of each relationship allows us to build a portfolio for each client to correspond to his/her specific needs"
- Lawson C. Allen


Lee, Danner & Bass is an experienced manager of investment assets for non-profit organizations and charitable institutions. We are conscious of the fiduciary responsibility and considerations attendant to serving as investment advisors for our eleemosynary clients.

Our approach to asset allocation for an endowment fund is dictated by the client's risk profile, its cash flow needs from the fund corpus, and the time horizon upon which the objectives are measured. Expected returns are assessed for each asset class for the periods ahead, and allocation ranges are established that best reflect the fund’s tolerance for risk and volatility and its need for cash withdrawals.

Each endowment fund has different needs and guidelines and therefore will be invested with somewhat different asset allocation between equities, fixed income securities, and money market instruments.