Lee Danner Bass

The Firm

"Experience and trust are two of the most important qualities in reputable investment firms, and our company is blessed to have built a strong reputation for both over the last three decades."
Frank M. Bass

The Firm

Founded in 1988, Lee, Danner & Bass offers practiced, professional investment knowledge derived from both the accomplished backgrounds of its principals and associates, as well as practical, hands-on experience in investment markets for clients.

We are an independent firm devoted to providing our clients with exceptional investment strategy and highly personal service. We manage financial assets, to include bonds, stocks and cash-equivalent money market instruments. We offer our services to individuals, endowment funds, retirement accounts, foundations, sponsors of employee benefit funds and corporations.


Front row – Deatriss Hack, Kris Roberson, Sue Eash
Back row – Judy Potts, Frank M. Bass III, Ernest Williams III, Frank M. Bass II, Lawson C. Allen, Mark B. Smith, Ann Galante