Lee Danner Bass

Lee, Danner & Bass has considerable experience in the management of investment assets for high net-worth individuals and their families.

Every client has unique individual needs shaped by income, liquidity requirements, risk tolerance, timeframe and other factors. Defining each client's needs at the...read more 


Lee, Danner & Bass is an experienced manager of investment assets for non-profit organizations and charitable institutions. We are conscious of the fiduciary responsibility and considerations attendant to serving as investment advisors for our eleemosynary clients.

Our approach to asset allocation for an endowment fund is dictated by the client's risk profile, its cash flow needs from the fund corpus, and the time horizon upon which the objectives are measured. Expected returns are..read more

Qualified Retirement Plans

Lee, Danner & Bass is privileged to manage retirement assets, as either a part of a qualified retirement plan or rollover Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). When managing assets in an IRA, we consider the objectives of the individual and his or her family, as those parameters have great influence on the allocation, liquidity and risk of the portfolio. For qualified retirement plans, we consider the circumstances and objectives of the plan’s participants...read more